IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2015-10-17

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qwebirc17387hi, anybody there?11:48
qwebirc17387i have a question about using circuits TCPserver with large numbers of concurrent connections11:49
qwebirc17387i'm seeing it max out at about 1018 active connections on both linux and freebsd11:50
pdurbinqwebirc17387: hang around and I'm sure prologic will answer12:08
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qwebirc17387i think i might have found the problem - it's using select rather than epoll or kqueue13:58
qwebirc17387how do i change this?13:58
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prologicRegister an EPoll polled first15:53
qwebirc17387@prologic: is it not supposed to automatically choose the right one for the system?16:21
kdbUnknown Command: prologic:16:21
qwebirc17387prologic: is it not supposed to automatically choose the right one for the system?16:21
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qwebirc17387prologic: yay! now working with 9000 sockets open on both linux and freebsd21:50
qwebirc17387I can go up to about 10000 but only sporadically - I think I'm now hitting kernel limits and need to start tweaking with sysctl21:52
qwebirc17387prologic: oh, you're there right now! cool. thanks for the hint earlier. I looked thru the core.poller code, and couldn't work out how it's choosing which poller to use, except at the bottom, where it binds Poller = Select.21:56
qwebirc17387I assumed that was the default, and the logic in the inheritance tree was "working it out" - is that not the case?21:58
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prologicIt is not designs to choose one automatically22:09
prologicYou explicitly select the one you want and registered at the start22:09

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