IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-10-21

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pdurbincybercat: hi23:00
cybercatdo you build circuits?23:01
pdurbincybercat: no, I forget why prologic made me an op23:03
pdurbinhe's the one who built circuits23:03
cybercathow can I chat with him?23:04
pdurbinwell, maybe he's still at work23:04
pdurbinhe's pretty good at catching up on the logs though, if you want to go ahead23:05
pdurbincybercat: you're interested in python, not electronics, right?23:09
pdurbinjust checking :)23:10
cybercatdo you program?23:10
pdurbincybercat: how about you?23:17
cybercatDo you know socket programs in python?23:18
pdurbinnot really, but I've looked at the socket code at
cybercatIm not that good at it .23:21
pdurbincybercat: what are you trying to do?23:23
cybercatmake a ftp server.23:24
cybercatdo you know how?23:29
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