IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2015-10-31

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riotAn_Ony_Moose: ooh, nice, but it doesn't use circuits ,)01:11
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riotdamnit, this is real fun. I'm coding a GUI for the lulz02:11
riotcircuits + pygame = <302:11
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An_Ony_Mooseriot: it does use circuits, on the circuits branch :P09:54
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spaceoneriot: i would like to see it (the game with GUI)10:48
riotspaceone: not a game. I dubbed this AVIO yesterday, stands for Python Audio Visual Input Output suite. Its current main purpose is to be able to convert joystick data into midi. But the planned feature list is rather long.11:45
rioti'll upload this to github later11:46
riotthe prototype did other fancy things like handling (filtering, mixing, general VJing) miniature gifs for the Matelight (a huge 40x16 pixel-display at c-base)11:48
spaceonewhich GUI lib are you using?11:48
spaceoneqt? gtk?11:48
riotwith midi in again, so you can synchronize flashy movies to the beat. I'm using this for my live shows with Bitwig Studio11:48
riotaah, no, really, i'm writing my own ;D11:48
riothmm. what is the nicest way to send an event to a single component? I'm filtering by its unique name (classname + verified randint) now, in the events, but that doesn't seem too efficient11:51
riots/events/component eventhandlers/11:51
riotAn_Ony_Moose: aah, uh, yeah, okaay. i pulled the default branch ;D12:04
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riotAn_Ony_Moose: fascinating!12:08
riotesp. the PygamePoller, i was looking for exactly that =)12:13
Romsterthis sounds interesting12:45
spaceoneriot: i have the same problem very often13:23
spaceonechannel = random()13:23
spaceoneif you have a better solution tell me!13:23
spaceonecircuits needs deferred13:23
spaceonethen it is perfect13:23
riotis it possible to change the channel after the component has started?13:31
riotor during init?13:31
riotthen i could build an event based kraken13:31
riotie. i could handle events in subcomponents (i have a buttonGrid that needs to handle button clicks a bit different than the rest of the app)13:33
riotthis seems perfectly well possible14:05
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