IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-11-02

Worksterprologic, can you show me the steps you did to mke rootfs.tar.xz i tried making it by touching db ; pkgadd -r foo filesystem , then all the core ports, then archive that. but it can't /bin/bash but it is clearly there.00:20
Worksterit can't find /bin/bash00:20
prologicI have a GitHub repo00:57
Romsteri have looked all it has is the Dockerfile that i've duplicated and a rootfs.tar.xz file that is it.01:12
Romsterprologic, no means of knowing where that file came from or how it was produced.01:12
Romsteras i'd like to make a crux 3.2 image.01:12
Romsteroff rc301:12
Romsterso i can start testing ports on crux 3.201:12
prologicthere are scripts01:12
prologiccheck the branches01:12
prologicI forget right now as I still don't have my desktop01:13
prologicsorry :)01:13
prologicbut the docker-crux repo has it all01:13
prologicinlcuding all scripts that actually build the rotfs01:13
Romster thatone thats not linked from docker -_-01:17
Romsteri'll try that after work ta01:19
prologicyeah no it's not01:19
prologicthe actual image and Dockerfile is in the docker official-images repo01:19
prologicbut the repo and tools I use to build lives separately01:20
Romsterwhich i didn't see until now01:26
prologicnps :)01:29
prologicbasically every base/root image is built from a tarball (the rootfs)01:29
Romsteri did that...01:48
Romstersudo mount crux-3.2-rc3.iso /mnt/cdrom01:48
Romstercd /mnt/cdrom/crux/core/01:48
Romstermkdir /tmp/crux-3.201:48
Romstermkdir -p /tmp/crux-3.2/var/lib/pkg01:48
Romstertouch /tmp/crux-3.2/var/lib/pkg/db01:48
Romstersudo pkgadd -r /tmp/crux-3.2 filesystem#3.2-4.pkg.tar.xz01:48
Romsterfor p in *; do01:48
Romstersudo pkgadd -r /tmp/crux-3.2 $p01:48
Romstercd -01:48
Romstersudo umount /mnt/cdrom01:48
Romstercd /tmp/crux-3.201:48
Romstersudo fakeroot bsdtar -ca --options xz:compression-level=9 -f ../rootfs.tar.xz *01:48
Romsterof course that failed.01:48
Romsteri'll look over your stuff after work about to head back01:48
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riothmm. is there a reason, events already have 'value's and components have 'name's?19:37
rioti always get caught up in that.19:37
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