IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2015-11-20

spaceonejay, finally i found the time to fix the performance leak in circuits.http which was caused by using self.wait()00:03
spaceoneserving a HTML page with dynamic content (4986 bytes) takes real    0m0.017s now on localhost.00:05
spaceonethis is fine I think00:05
pdurbinspaceone: I bet they're keeping prologic busy. :)00:19
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prologicspaceone: good work :)01:18
prologicpdurbin: yes :)01:18
spaceoneprologic: release of next circuits version still planned in dec. ?01:19
spaceonei had too much work so i could not do much01:20
spaceoneI implemented a SAML service provider in our server components01:20
spaceoneprologic: i wrote a blog article about it:
prologicspaceone: yes I think so01:44
prologicmy stuff arrives tomorrow01:44
prologicso hopefully I'll be able to spend a bit more free time on things01:44
prologiccool (re blog) I'll have a read :)01:44
pdurbinspaceone: do you like SAML?01:46
spaceoneno, i hate it, pdurbin01:46
pdurbinspaceone: you can come commiserate with me in ##shibboleth some day :)01:47
spaceone:D i have java even more01:47
spaceonei am planning to create circuits.http.server.saml.sp01:48
spaceonethere is a really painful and bad designed but working python saml lib called pysaml201:49
pdurbinspaceone: there's also
pdurbinboth mentioned at
spaceonearg, you told me this 3 month too late :D02:00
pdurbinspaceone: put it in circuits.http.server.saml.sp :)02:01
spaceonethis looks a lot more clean02:02
spaceonebut hm02:05
spaceoneit doesn't seem to be secure02:05
pdurbinno? uh oh02:05
spaceonethey are using string interpolation to build up XML02:05
spaceonewithout escaping anything02:05
spaceoneand they are raising Exception directly instead of a nice subclass02:06
spaceonebut in general it looks nice02:09
spaceoneway less code than pysaml202:09
spaceoneonly one code path to get into specific state02:09
spaceonebetter API02:09
spaceonei'll have a closer look soon02:10
pdurbinspaceone: maybe you'll love SAML!02:10
spaceonethanks for telling me about this02:10
spaceonepdurbin: lol, never... it's not working with REST02:10
pdurbinspaceone: do you like OAuth better?02:10
spaceoneprobably, but OAuth gets implemented in some month02:11
spaceoneso i have no experience with it yet02:11
pdurbinspaceone: you'll be adding it to UCS?02:11
pdurbinspaceone: cool. after you do I'd like to hear your comparison of OAuth and SAML, please02:12
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oneandzeroam i radiating?18:34
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