IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2015-12-05

prologicspaceone: yeah I'm going to fix some of those flakey tests soon00:04
prologicAlso I'm thinking about turning on "Projected Branch" feature on the master branch00:04
spaceoneprologic: it's only the ssl-handshake-bug which fails ^^00:04
prologicafter I fix the flakey tests of course00:04
prologicit's a new Github feature and I'm using it on and it's quite nice00:04
prologicspaceone: ahh00:05
spaceonebtw did you see my commit from yesterday regarding error handling?00:05
prologicyes I did00:07
spaceoneMAybe i'll write a test case for this00:08
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spaceonei am afk for 2 days now :(00:35
pdurbinprologic: did you see the chatter about github issue labels?00:35
prologicyes I did00:36
spaceonewhat's a task?00:36
prologicsomething that doesn't involve code or doc mods00:51
prologice.g: fix the website00:51
prologicor setup travis00:51
spaceoneah okay00:56
pdurbinknowing is half the battle01:20
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