IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-12-07

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spaceonehi longface21:37
longfaceSo, is it safe for me to assume this channel also covers electrical circuits?21:38
spaceonelongface: no21:39
spaceoneit is for the python framework circuits21:39
longfaceAh, my apologies then.21:39
spaceonelongface: you can have a look at #electronics21:39
longfaceThis was a missnake.21:39
spaceoneno problem21:39
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pdurbinmissnake reminds me of the avatar at :)23:12
riothmmhm, having a bit of trouble with deleting/unregistering and then recreating components. For some of those i have, i set the components channel to its (unique) name, when i recreate these, they don't receive any signals :(23:37
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