IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-12-08

prologicriot: can you show a clear/simple example of what you're doing?00:11
prologicit's probably (hopefully) soemthing obvious as what you're describing is something various other circuits-based systems *do* take advantage of00:12
riotuhm, i'll see what i can come up with.00:43
riothmm, could as well be a bug in my component architecture (more likely.. i have a suspicion.. *checks*)00:49
spaceonewhen I got time (and httoop is finish :D) I will write a circuits-shell, which can be run in a thread to modify things in the main thread e.g. for interactive debugging and attaching to current processes00:54
riotyup, it was a bug in my uniqueobjects.00:55
riotspaceone: that sounds very interesting00:56
spaceoneinjecting winpd/pdb, printing component graph, modifying things → all helpful things00:57
spaceonestarting Debugger() etc.00:57
prologicspaceone: that actually sounds really nice too actually02:47
prologicI've always wanted this02:47
prologicand even for remote daemons as well02:47
prologici.e: ssh admin@remote.host02:47
prologicand get a circuits/python repl02:47
prologicriot: could you describe the bug in more detail you ran into?02:49
prologicI'm always interested when users run into issues to help either clarify documentation or improve the core code to prevent these mishaps02:49
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