IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-12-16

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spaceonecircuits.web has no date parsing at all08:11
spaceoneprologic: is it okay to change the channel of a running component?10:36
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prologicspaceone: it's okay yes16:04
prologicI think :)16:04
prologic-but- I'm not sure it marks the handler cache as dirty though16:04
prologicyou'd have to do that by hand16:04
prologicmaybe we should make doing something like this from a public API possible and more clear?16:04
prologiclike make a mutable property such that mutating it during runtime will mark the internal handler cache of the root manager dirty and recalculate all handlers16:05
spaceoneprologic: it's useful if i want that the read event of a socket is not anymore handlded by a specific component because i change the protocol16:08
prologicthere are probably other useful use-cases too16:50
prologicit's not that common; but I think we should support this16:51
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