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moea_Hello, could I get some guidance on a project I'm working on?19:19
moea_I have a 12v;1.3Ah battery and a vintage police siren(electric motor).  I'm trying to add a potentiometer to the circuit to control the speed of the motor, but the 100kΩ;0.5w pot I am using seems to fry around the 80% mark.19:22
moea_Is using potentiometer the right way of controlling the motor speed? I have a strong background in Math, but limited background in physics.19:24
moea_Now that I've written this I need a pot rated for a higher wattage?  12V*1.3A=15.6w.  0.5w pot might be wayy to little.19:27
nizoxmoea_: you might want to ask on ##electronics19:33
nizoxthis chan is about
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