IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2016-01-08

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riotuh, has anyone ever wired urwid to circuits? I'd like to offer urwid via telnet/terminal in HFOS15:29
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riotprologic: yo! did you ever wire up urwid to circuits?19:25
riotI'd love to, as it supports jsonschema, that i already employ for the webfrontend and backend validation19:25
riotor, better said: another library combines both.19:25
prologicI did yes19:27
prologicSee examples/circ.py19:27
riotoooh! shiny! Telnet-hfos! I'll kick SAP so in the nuts.19:28
prologicFeel free to improve upon it19:28
riotthey'll be wishing they woke up a decade ago19:28
prologicBtw; we *used* to have "drivers" for pygame, gtk as well once upon a time19:28
prologicbut it became hard to maintain those as they were not well tested so we dropped them19:29
prologicbut it would be awesome to re-introduce and re-integrate into other event systems again as part of the std. lib of core components19:29
riotah. hmm. i think my pygame support is sub-par from what i already saw.. gotta update that19:30
rioti'm not gonna play with gtk, though ;)19:30
riotall those higher level gui toolkits are lost on me.. ;D19:32
riot(since i use html5 there)19:33
prologicbut if you want to play with pygame+circuits19:49
prologicwe could do what I said above19:49
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