IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2016-03-03

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koobsdoesnt work ;(~07:11
koobsprologic:  ^07:11
koobsUpdating freebsd port (circuits) to 3.1.007:11
koobsprologic: you accidentally left __pycache__ dirs in the sdist :)07:13
koobscauses test failure07:13
koobsimport file mismatch:07:13
koobsimported module 'tests.web.test_wsgi_gateway_multiple_apps' has this __file__ attribute:07:13
koobs  /home/prologic/work/circuits/tests/web/test_wsgi_gateway_multiple_apps.py07:13
koobswhich is not the same as the test file we want to collect:07:13
koobsProbably want to put an exclude-recursive in or something07:13
koobsprologic: also, the way circuits invoking tests isnt pep394 compatible07:18
koobsdef main():07:18
koobs    cmd = ["py.test", "-r", "fsxX", "--ignore=tmp"]07:18
koobspy.test doesnt necessarily point to 2.7, or any particular version07:18
koobsfor pytest:
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