IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2016-03-17

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prologickdb: uptime06:32
kdbUptime: 16+23:27:39 (CPU: 11729.67s 0.80%)06:32
prologickdb: mstats06:33
kdbMemory Usage: 28.70MB06:33
prologickdb: events06:33
kdbEvents: 1499950306:33
prologickdb: nstats06:33
kdbTraffic: 1.52MB / 549.47KB (2.06MB)06:33
prologicsorry I've been unresponsive of late all06:34
prologicwill try to reconcile that06:34
prologicI see you sorted your component deregistration out riot ?06:34
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riotprologic: i think so =)09:56
rioti think it was more of a generic programming problem - i forgot to delete some links to the components, which kept them alive.10:03
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GitHub167[circuits] myaut opened pull request #157: Allow to run multiple io.process.Process objects simultaneously (master...master)
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