IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2016-03-27

riotoh - thanks. I'll check that out =)03:13
riotaah, THAT stuff needs some thorough try/except wrapping ;)03:47
riotit is probably what caused the recursive exception hell, back when i didn't wrap all my stuff in try/except blocks myself.03:48
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prologicriot: pull request welcome :) and appreciated!05:00
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riothmm, trying to get this into my project, it still eats itself :/12:40
riotactually, that seems to be the exception handler in web/ that is exploding on me. Could be misuse on my part.12:51
riothard to figure out ;D12:51
riotyeah, something went ping-pong. After safeguarding the faulty spot (where it does req, res = fevent.args[2:] and the args are not long enough to unpack), it only throws two exceptions.12:52
riotaaah, that is the test-exception \o/12:54
rioti see, that is already fixed. should upgrade more often.. *sigh*12:57
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prologicriot: :)17:24
prologicyou're on what version?17:24
prologicyou *should* use master :)17:24
prologicwe're under resourced to release more often ;/17:25
pdurbinprologic: you're making me wonder what goes into making a release. Must be non-trivial.17:29
riotprologic: just switched to the github repo in my requirements17:35
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prologicpdurbin: biggest pain point? updating the release notes and changelog22:44
prologicwe typically haven't in the pst done a very good job of making this part of the release process painless22:44
prologicif we could make everyone stick to Issues -> Pull Request so that every change is trackable it would be a lot easier to manage22:45

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