IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2016-04-19

prologicrobert_: hi06:08
robert_how's it going?06:09
prologicnot bad06:10
prologicwhat's up?06:10
robert_trying to wire up nginx to circuits.web06:12
robert_via UNIXServer06:12
robert_we're getting gateway timeout.06:13
prologicthat should work fine afaik06:15
prologichow are you firing up the UNIX web app?06:15
prologicat least it's actually unit tested06:16
prologicand I'm pretty sure I've run it that way under lighttpd for years06:16
prologicusing unix sockets06:16
robert_does circuits directly interface with uwsgi or do we need to use straight wsgi?06:19
prologicuh no06:19
prologicyou'd need to use circuits.web.wsgi.Application()06:19
prologicsorry :)06:19
prologicor use plain HTTP over UNIX06:19
prologicthese days I typically sit a circuits.web app behind a reverse proxy tbh06:22
robert_so what is Gateway, then?06:22
prologicthe other side of WSGI06:22
prologicbeing able to graft/mount a WSGI app on top of circuits.web "somewhere"06:22
robert_oh, okay.06:22
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robert_so then circuits.web.wsgi.Application is what we want instead of Gateway?06:22
prologice.g: like
prologicrobert_: yes06:27
prologicI belive uwsgi knows how to deal with WSGI apps aka circuits.web.wsgi.Application06:27
robert_so there's no way to directly wire up circuits and nginx via wsgi?06:29
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robert_prologic: anyway, I dragged RudyValencia in here so he can help me figure the (u)wsgi part of this out, so we can run a socket UNIXServer service with a status page accessible over wsgi. :p06:31
prologicvia wsgi?06:32
prologicI don't think nginx knows how to speak wsgi06:33
prologicnor does Apache06:33
prologicthat's why there's mod_wsgi06:33
prologicmy recommendation honestly06:33
robert_and for nginx, there's uwsgi :p06:33
prologicjust wire up nginx in reverse proxy to circuits.web (HTTP)06:33
prologicit'll scale just fine06:33
prologicyes but uwsgi is not an nginx thing :)06:34
robert_yeah :p06:34
robert_I noticed.06:34
prologicit's just the thing everyone uses :)06:34
robert_ah :p06:34
robert_can you do a reverse proxy over UNIX socket?06:34
robert_so just wire circuits.web up and reverse-proxy to it?06:36
prologicyes :)06:37
prologicyes :)06:37
prologicit works for lighttpd06:37
prologicwhy not nginx ;006:37
prologicjust do it :P06:37
robert_skype makes for some funny conversation sometimes. :p06:38
robert_oh wow, nginx has weird reverse proxy notation.06:38
prologicnot really06:40
prologiclast time I did it it's pretty straight forward :)06:40
prologicbut like I said these days I use autodock-paas (and Docker)06:41
prologicyou really should look in to Docker :)06:44
prologicsave yourself hours of work :)06:44
robert_hm, what's docker do?06:47
robert_okay, so hm06:48
robert_so now what happens is it just sits there.06:49
robert_gateway timeout.06:49
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robert_so I read that Workers are supposed to be used in pools, is this correct?10:50
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spaceonerobert_: a worker instance creates a pool - which is either a thread or a process15:07
robert_spaceone: Oh, workers are the pool now?22:25
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