IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2016-06-05

prologichi spaceone and pdurbin00:15
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prologicpdurbin: okay re auth proxy19:57
prologicI've found no good solutions yet19:57
prologictell me how painful shib is or if it'll even solve my problem? :)19:57
pdurbinprologic: see the "ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1" stuff at
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pdurbin<Location /secure> ...21:29
prologicyeah I saw22:15
prologicI'm kind of thinking Apache+Shib is overkill for what I need22:16
prologicI'm thinking of injecting a simple web app in between my load balancer and backend apps that would just do basic auth22:16
pdurbinsure, basic auth is always an option22:23
prologicI'm gonna have to implement it myself though22:25
prologicI've found nothing out there really22:25
prologicexcept of course that you can configure apache/nginx/etc to do basic/digiest auth, require a valid user before proxying to downstream (backend) apps22:25
prologicI of course want to avoid messing with manually configured proxy/frontends though because my environment is very dynamic :)22:26
prologichere's my PoC :)22:58
prologicwhich works in it's most basic form22:58
pdurbinah, basic_auth is already in circuits. makes sense23:34

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