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qwebirc5173Hello, I am looking for a little help.  I used this example as a guide.  The issue I am having is how to get those other processes to stop when the component is stopped?  self.child1.stop() doesn't seem to work.15:52
prologicqwebirc5173: hi16:08
prologicqwebirc5173: is the parent processing stopping/terminating too?16:09
qwebirc5173yes.  Basically I am monitoring a config file for changes and need to stop, recreate everything when the config is updated16:09
qwebirc5173But I have tried calling stop on the parent and just stop on the child.  Either way, I still see those processes hanging around16:14
qwebirc5173Ah.  Ok n/m.  I was calling stop on the Bridge, not on the actual component.16:19
qwebirc5173I see now that what the example was storing as child1 and child2 weren't really the components, they were the tuples returned from the start call.  Calling stop on the actual component works just fine.16:22
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irctc619I'm looking for the manufacturer of this microcontroller(?)17:53
irctc619I don't identify the logo17:53
irctc619Does anybody know the manufacturer?17:55
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ragnarHi everyone, I would like to receive some suggestions/recommendations for a representation of Biological circuits19:36
ragnarFor now, my team and I are thinking about the McCulloch-Pitts representation19:36
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