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ke4rohHi!  Circuits n00b here - trying to run hello world.  Installed by pip on python3, and downloaded  It doesn't print anything.  I added a flush statement and a sleep before SystemExit(0), but nothing.01:00
ke4rohalso tried a @handler annotation to no avail.01:53
ke4rohTried on python2 as well - no luck.02:39
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prologicke4roh: hi04:25
prologicriot: @handler() -- See circuits/core/debugger.py04:26
prologicriot: mqtt? thought about it; but never got around to it. should be straight forward though04:27
prologicke4roh: that's very odd :) Let me try locally04:27
prologicke4roh: you there?04:32
prologicI fixed this example just now in master04:32
prologicplease git pull and try it :)04:32
prologicI think this was just a bad trivial neglected example04:32
prologicthe event never got a chance to be actually processed04:33
prologic-but- there is meant to be a sort-of "processing anything left in the queue *NOW!*" thing at the end of process termination04:33
prologicI don't think it's important to debug/investigate why that wasn't working in particular though04:34
prologiccircuits isn't typically used for single one-short entry/exit script-style programs :)04:34
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riotprologic: Ah, hmm. I tried handler("*") but it got spammed massively. Could've been legit messages, though. Is there any way to filter by event-baseclass? I'd like to be able to record only certain events, usually discernible by baseclass12:22
rioti could just check every event, but i feel like there could be a more efficient way i don't know about12:23
riotspammed massively: the handler methods args are:  () <class 'tuple'>12:26
riotand this is being fired as fast as it can12:26
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ke4rohprologic: thanks for the quick answer - did you push?  I don't see any new commits on github since y'day.15:12
ke4rohprologic: I fixed mine by adding a goodbye event which raises SystemExit(0)15:24
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prologicriot: just do so in your handler :)16:45
kdb_Unknown Command: handler()16:45
prologicdef on_all_events(self, event, *args, **kwargs):16:45
prologic    if isinstance(event, ...):16:45
prologicke4roh: I thought I pushed :)16:46
prologicbut yeah what you described is how I fixed the example too :)16:46
prologicso you're "getting it" :)16:46
prologicthere were upstream changes16:47
GitHub45[circuits] prologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub45circuits/master 566eab6 James Mills: Fix Hello World example16:47
prologicdidn't realize :)16:47
prologichad to git pull --rebase && git push16:47
prologicke4roh: pushed now :)16:47
prologicriot: if you can think of an elegant way to add filtering in the core manager without breaking everythig submit a PR :)16:48
ke4rohprologic: super, thanks!  Yes, my solution differs only in that it also says goodbye :)16:49
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