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ke4roh(I'm back)00:50
ke4rohI think the blocking answer is here:
prologicke4roh: yes use a worker to do this so you don't tie up the main event loop01:22
prologicyou can either have a thread or process worker pool or both (on different channels)01:22
prologicfire a task(f, *args, **kwargs) event where f is the blocking function and wait for it to complete before firing the next event01:23
prologiceither with task_complete or using the coroutine facilities yield
prologicke4roh: A good example of this is in ccav:
prologicA project I wrote in a previous job where the blocking "thing" is to call out to mapserv functionality01:25
prologicwhich can be seen/demoed here:
ke4rohprologic: interesting the difference between the task and the Worker.  Gonna have to figure out the worker pool.  If I understand correctly, in either case, dispatching of the particular event blocks while the worker/task does its thing, but the dispatching thread is no longer blocked, so other events can get processed.01:33
prologicbasically if you identify some I/O or CPU bound "work" your app has to do; farm it off to a Worker pool and via task() for said work02:37
prologicBut yes the simplest example is the factorial one :)02:38
prologicke4roh: and if you run the example (which I just did to confirm) you'll notice that it basically demonstrates rather clearly the main event loop chugging along happily while some heavy computation is being worked on02:41
prologicThis is also how kdb does heavy lifting too02:41
ke4rohprologic: super.  I think that's the last of my questions before I have all the parts for my puzzle :)02:43
ke4rohprologic: I'm going to try with tornado for an async web client.02:43
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