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ke4rohnew question on Stack Overflow
ke4rohOsso, maybe you know?01:47
ke4rohspaceone? ^^02:01
OssoI am a bit out of the loop02:03
Ossobut I believe a while ago it was just returning the value itself02:03
Ossobut then this nn = n *, n-1))02:06
Ossoshouldn’t work02:07
Ossoke4roh: it’s not working because the use requires a yield in front02:10
ke4rohOsso: I missed that, true.  When I fix the yield, it still fails in the same way.02:14
Ossoyou added the yield to both call()?02:16
ke4rohOsso: yes, just updated the question accordingly02:17
Ossothat’s a different that’s good02:22
ke4rohOsso: hooray!02:22
Ossothat’s because task() is unrelated02:24
ke4rohOsso: what do you mean?02:25
Ossolet me paste something02:26
ke4rohosso: It seems that sometimes when I yield (like in all the real code snippets I try), I get back a generator, and in this particular context I get back a result with a .value to inspect.02:26
ke4rohosso: thanks!02:26
OssoI changed App(BaseComponent) to App(Component) to answer to events02:32
Ossoand I’m firing factorial() events instead of creating tasks02:32
Ossothe tasks api is a bit different02:32
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ke4rohosso: this is your version cleaned up a bit
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spaceoneke4roh_: probelm still exists?17:07
ke4roh_spaceone: thanks for checking!  Y'all are awesome.  Osso got it working as event-based (see ), but...17:09
ke4roh_spaceone: if I'm going to fix up the docs for worker (, I ought to first have some idea how to use them!17:10
spaceoneACTION will start firefox…17:10
spaceoneke4roh_: is the issue related to the pastebin?17:11
ke4roh_spaceone: see
ke4roh_spaceone: I am experiencing similar AttributeErrors blamed on generators not having various attributes in my non-demo codebase.17:14
ke4roh_spaceone: I think if I can solve one, I can solve the other.17:15
spaceoneokay, give me some time17:15
spaceonei will try it, too17:15
ke4roh_spaceone: sure17:15
spaceonebtw. time.sleep(1) blocks. there is a sleep() in circuits, too17:17
ke4roh_spaceone: yes, found the circuits sleep() recently.  I have refactored around workers for most cases, omitting sleep()s, but I still have some traditional I/O I have to wait for.  Also, I can only do one I/O operation at a time (like a line printer).17:31
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spaceoneke4roh_: so your main question is how you can create more workers within a worker?17:33
spaceonei don't get that attributeError btw17:34
spaceonethe example runs for 5 seconds and gives the correct result of 12017:34
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ke4roh_spaceone: I don't get the error in the event-based version from pastebin, but I get the exception running the version in the question on StackExchange.  Yes, the question is about workers within workers.17:43
spaceonei got it too17:43
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