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ke4rohprologic: been doing a bunch of debugging in manager and worker to see if I can figure out what might be the problem with a worker calling another worker.  It looks like the generators pile up.02:19
ke4rohprologic: curious where the right place to un-pile them might be :)02:19
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prologicke4roh: are we really talking about Worker()s here or coroutines? :)03:51
prologicyielding from an event handler turns said event handler into a coro03:51
prologicIIRC the post you posted about on SO tries to turn start() into a coro03:51
prologicI'm not even sure if that works (edge case?)03:52
prologicWhat might work is if you fire an event in start() then inside another event use yield03:52
prologic*I think*03:52
prologicOH! Wait03:55
prologicd'oh :)03:55
prologicI see the extra yield inside the "work function"03:56
prologicthis needs more thought let me play with it03:56
Workstergah does not sounds like it's meant to be there :D04:08
Worksterdoes not sound*04:08
prologicI've managed to get this to complete the factorial "work"04:15
prologicbut it gets stuck somewhere04:15
prologicCan you dig in further?04:16
prologicWorkster: overlooked in the design I believe; I can see no reason why coroutines should not be reentrant IHMO04:16
prologicspaceone: ^^^04:16
Worksterit's even driven i see no reason why not04:32
prologicwell actually...04:51
prologiccoros are not event driven :)04:51
prologicdifferent pattern/flow04:51
prologiceventing is more like fire and forget04:51
prologiccorous are more synchroized04:51
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ke4roh__prologic: thanks!  I will have a detailed look in a few hours.  Interrupted by $DAY_JOB.16:55
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spaceoneke4roh: prologic: the callback for a worker cannot be a corotine20:25
spaceonei could imagine that it somehow works if you fire another task event in the callback20:26
spaceonebut don't turn it into a coroutine20:27
ke4rohspaceone: are you saying the SO example is invalid?
spaceonewell, 'invalid' not. but it just doesn't work currently with circuits20:47
ke4rohspaceone: I think you understand why it doesn't work better than I do :)20:48
spaceonewell, i spend 2 hours in debugging it but still have no way to fix it20:48
ke4rohspaceone: my drive time has come.  I will have to continue later.  I'll check logs in a few hours.20:48
ke4rohspaceone: thank you for that!20:48
spaceoneprologic: btw. why is Manager.__tasks a set and not a list? sets aren't ordered so the tasks are executed in a random order21:23
spaceonei don't get it working ....23:07
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