IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2016-09-25

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Romsterthank you prologic10:43
prologicthat better?10:43
Romsterwill know soon it is in the channel10:44
prologicawesome :)10:44
Romsteri've been not as active as i used to be in crux but i still poke around at it10:44
Romsterhaven't you gone to bed yet prologic ?10:45
Romstermust be like 3:25am there.10:45
prologicI'm actually in Oz atm :)10:46
prologicgoing back Tue10:46
Romsteroh i hadn't of known what brings you back to OZ10:47
prologicremind me when  I get back (some time) to spend a bit of time on irclogger improving the service (if you think it's worth it; I know there are other probably better irc logging services out there)10:47
prologicfamily visits mainly10:47
Romstereh it does the job when it is on.10:47
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Romsteri'll remind you later on10:48
prologicwell if you think it's worth it, remind me to spend time making it more resilient/robust so I don't have to kick/restart it every so often :)10:48
prologicta :)10:48
Romsterwill do10:49
Romsterbe good to have a chat sometime when you get time off work.10:49
Romsteraka less busy10:49
prologicsure :)10:51
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riothmhmm, not sure if this has been read, so here's a short repeat: i'm getting random content when transmitting a longer payload from browser to a circuits websocket. Don't exactly know why - i suspect a problem in the WebSocketCodec.16:15
riotHappens with chromium and firefox. The json decoder suddenly (after a specific length) gets presented a bytearray, instead of a string, which contains (as far as i can tell) random bytes.16:22
riotyeah, when trying to print the result, it get weird stuff but not what i sent16:23
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