IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2016-10-05

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prologicriot: braoru sorry I'll get back to you soon (if not already answered!) I'm a little tired atm (been ill for the past week)05:56
prologicstick around :)05:56
braoruno problem06:34
braoruI still discovery and playing with circuits06:34
braoruand trying to find way everything is blocking in my controller .)06:34
braoruI tryed wiring sleep in a task() but not hwlping much06:35
braoruI have a sample bridging tornado with circuits that works not so badly but still not certain on how to do it clean :)06:36
braoruI alway get "call" never sending event :/06:38
braoruI will stick arroung :)09:43
braoruwhy sucess event need 30s to be fired ?11:57
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