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spaceoneriot: you mean because causes that if the content is longer than bufsize there are two events fired ?00:54
spaceone(or one is chocked)00:54
riotsomething along that line, i assume, yeah.01:36
rioti haven't fired wireshark up yet and the browser console doesn't tell me anything about websocket transmissions, only the connection upgrades at the beginning.01:37
riotbut it closely matches the packet boundary size where i noticed this to start failing01:37
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spaceoneriot: do you have an reproducible example?15:15
riotspaceone: yes. Its on github:
riotnot sure why i made it that way, but the number you enter there is 2^X16:32
riotso, with X>12 it breaks16:32
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qwebirc95518how do I set the timeout for a response in circuits?18:52
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spaceoneqwebirc95518: what do you mean with response?21:25
spaceonecircuits.web ?21:25
spaceoneas http client?21:25
spaceoneor server?21:26
spaceoneor general sockets?21:26
spaceonethere is nothing generic. i implemented this for circuits.http, i think you can steal this21:27
spaceoneriot: i need to enter a number > 1096 ?21:32
spaceoneriot: i need to enter a number > 4096 ?21:33
qwebirc95518spaceone: yeah http server, the web server21:40
spaceoneyou might rip/copy the methods21:42
spaceoneand adapt them to circuits.web21:43
qwebirc95518spaceone: thanks a lot.21:48
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GitHub132[circuits] spaceone created fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 (+1 new commit):
GitHub132circuits/fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 1a7a076 SpaceOne: Fix websocket data parsing if content is larger than read BUFSIZE; Issue #18122:24
GitHub57[circuits] spaceone opened pull request #184: Fix websocket data parsing if content is larger than read BUFSIZE; Is… (master...fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181)
spaceoneriot: i fixed your problem22:29
GitHub93[circuits] spaceone pushed 1 new commit to fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181:
GitHub93circuits/fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 1ac3e92 SpaceOne: Add test for websocket response with request larger than read BUFSIZE22:46
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spaceoneprologic: is it possible that you deactivate your email signature when answering to github issues?22:57
spaceoneor mark it as a real email signature23:05
spaceoneotherwise it is always added to the test and is really much disturbing and time wasting23:05
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#495 (fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 - 1a7a076 : SpaceOne): The build has errored.23:26
travis-ciChange view :
travis-ciBuild details :
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