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riotoh. re00:11
riotspaceone: hmm, thanks for your efforts, but here, the error persists :.(00:12
spaceoneriot: try harder00:18
spaceonedid you checkout this branch?00:19
spaceoneit works perfectly for me00:19
spaceonein python300:19
spaceonewith your github repo00:19
riothmm. perhaps some setuptool-stupidity.. hmm00:26
riothmm, indeed, it doesn't fail at 4096 bytes, but try doubling that ;>00:33
riotresults in "json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Invalid control character at: line 1 column 4089 (char 4088)00:34
riotvery weird00:34
spaceonei will take a look at the weekend00:35
riotcool :D00:35
spaceonewhat number dud you use?00:37
spaceone24 ?00:37
riot13 already fails00:38
riotactually, i first real-life-tested with a larger lorem ipsum text page in HFOS, then as per your suggestion did the test with 2^13 bytes in the websocketdebugger00:39
riot(50k of lorem ipsum is a lot of latin)00:39
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spaceoneriot: got it00:50
spaceone-                self._buffer += data00:50
spaceone+                self._buffer = data00:50
spaceoneriot: pushed the fix00:53
GitHub51[circuits] spaceone force-pushed fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 from 1ac3e92 to 5290d8c:
GitHub51circuits/fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 259c7e5 SpaceOne: Fix websocket data parsing if content is larger than read BUFSIZE; Issue #18100:53
GitHub51circuits/fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 5290d8c SpaceOne: Add test for websocket response with request larger than read BUFSIZE00:53
riotthanks a lot!00:54
spaceonei don't receive an answer for '31'00:55
spaceonemaybe it just takes too long :D:D00:55
spaceoneit is 31^2 bytes, right?00:55
riotthat is 2 GB ;D00:57
riotbut yeah, you're right. In theory, that should work as well. According to websocket, the upper limit is 2^64, iirc.00:57
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spaceonedo you have more problems?00:58
riotnot with circuits, atm :>00:59
riotthe javascript side on my project is way more fidgety.. must be the language.00:59
spaceoneyes, javascript is puke01:00
spaceoneriot: where can i see the actual websocket code?01:01
spaceonesomewhere in ?01:01
riot..but its getting better. Yep, here:
riotits probably full of fleas etc. More in a prototype state right now.01:02
rioti.e. no security hardening, optimizations etc01:02
spaceonegr, except Exception → is the worst thing one can do :/01:03
riotyes. I should fix those. There are a lot of them, from a time when i was still fighting circuits' debugger.01:04
spaceonei'm going to sleep, good night01:04
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#499 (fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 - 5290d8c : SpaceOne): The build has errored.01:28
travis-ciChange view :
travis-ciBuild details :
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GitHub119[circuits] prologic closed pull request #184: Fix websocket data parsing if content is larger than read BUFSIZE; Is… (master...fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181)
GitHub41[circuits] prologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub41circuits/master 3ec4b32 ⁣ Florian Best: Fix websocket data parsing if content is larger than read BUFSIZE; Is… (#184)...06:32
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GitHub30[circuits] spaceone deleted fix_websockets_buffer_overflow_issue_181 at 5290d8c:
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