IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2016-11-21

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riotuhm, is http+ssl possible with circuits?18:06
spaceoneyou mean https ?18:17
spaceoneyes, why not?18:17
spaceoneriot: "except Exception:" is evil too. It hides e.g. SyntaxError. it's a programmatical style to only catch what actually can occur. otherwise this will result in a lot of side effects and undebuggable errors, etc. (Trust me, I have experience in big projects with over 3.000 files where I had to fix all this things and made special coding-style-rules for my company).18:20
riothmm - i see no docs on that. Will i need to wrap another webserver in front of it?18:38
riotregarding the exceptions - i can't have any of these errors on most of the exceptions i have. It would've broken way earlier. Yet i can't always know for sure what weird problems i have to expect - which according to pep8 is a valid usecase for except Exception: - also i'm logging all of these, so the user seeing them (most certainly not an admin) can at least report them back18:40
riotwhen talking of "normal" server software - i'd totally agree :>18:40
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