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qwebirc71867I have a question for you guys: I am trying to run a Threading.thread class that constantly loops retrieving events from a third party. I want to then fire those events into a Producer component with a registered listener/consumer component to then pick them up. However I am having a hard time firing events from outside the Am I misunderstanding something here?17:02
qwebirc71867to me it feels as if this framework only really works building an app from the ground up with it. I really only want a specific part of my app to utilize the event framework18:38
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pdurbinqwebirc71867: maybe you can make that part of your app a microservice21:14
prologicqwebirc71867: hi21:37
prologicso you want to integrate part of circuits into an existing python app?21:38
prologicif you do; just build your component graph and start it as a thread - done21:38
prologicbut you are right; it wasn't designed for this; but can be done nonetheless21:38
prologicusually we (circuits) integrate other things into circuits :)21:38
qwebirc71867okay makes sense thanks guys21:48
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qwebirc53059is there a way to fire an event from outside of a component?21:53
qwebirc53059say I have a method that gets messages from a thirdparty on a continuous loop i.e. get_message() and I want to take that message and fire an event in my component structure is there a way internally to do this or externally fire an event?21:54
spaceoneqwebirc53059: just call .fire() on a component object22:06
prologicjust call .fire() from the root component22:31
prologiccircuits should be thread safe22:31
prologicwe do this in our test suite22:32
prologicwhat spaceone said :)22:32
prologicqwebirc53059: what you describe is very similar to how I translate docker events into a circuits app called autodock:
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