IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2016-12-17

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chilli0Hello :)05:18
prologicchilli0: hi :)07:15
chilli0Hows things?07:16
prologicnot too bad; busy busy (work) :)07:19
chilli0likewise, however planing on jumping ship07:20
chilli0just applied for a new position07:20
prologicoh yeah? where?07:20
chilli0surf pacific, its a marketing/seo / a few other things company07:21
chilli0they have 1 other IT guy, and its pretty chill, they like innovation07:21
prologicahh I see07:21
chilli0What are you doing for work?07:29
prologicstill at FB :)07:33
prologicit's awesome07:33
prologicget to work on really big infra and automation07:33
chilli0oh wow , still using python?07:36
chilli0I just installed circuits again today :)07:39
chilli0making a web front end for libvirt with it :)07:43
prologicI might use that if you OSS it :)07:45
chilli0Its part of a bigger project, but I will OSS some parts for sure :)07:46
prologicnice :)07:48
chilli0have you used mongodb with circuits before?07:50
prologicredis yes07:53
prologicshouldn't be hard07:58
prologicjust don't block the main thread07:58
prologicintegrate mongodb in a way that lets you fire events at a component that manages db reads/writes in a sane way07:59
chilli0I like the sound of redis08:02
prologic uses redis08:16
chilli0thanks for that :)08:21
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