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riotis it sane to do fileupload via websocket or should i rather add another endpoint? Also, is there an example somewhere that shows how upload can be done with circuits (anyhow)?13:23
riothmm, btw: i'm using mongo with circuits. I'm maintaining a fork of warmongo - which is brings jsonschema in as well. It is kinda like an ORM13:24
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pdurbinDo you like jsonschema?13:33
riotright now, i have a javascript-side filereader that does .readbinaryfiledata() and sends that via websocket. What i get in the backend is garbled uncorrectly debuffered data.. Not sure if that could be trimmed to be useful.13:33
riotpdurbin: yes, it can be expressed as python-object and it is rather powerful. What warmongo currently not handles correctly is recursive jsonschema (e.g. subschemata).. i plan to add that later, though13:34
pdurbinA guy at work has been playing with it at
pdurbinYou're saying that JSON Schema itself handles recursive data structures? That's good.13:37
riotthe spec says so, i actually doubt, many people who implement it, actually understand what it means and requires (e.g. warmongo: the original author needed only shallow validation of simple incoming objects - he just left it out, actually ignored the jsonschema-python-package, which in theory can do that)13:39
riotbut when working with mongo, it is quite natural to stick objects into objects - or documents into documents13:40
rioti only discovered warmongo's incapability when i found unfilled defaults and tried to access sublevel properties via dot-notation - "nothing to see there, except along"..13:41
riotaah, found an example which i'll try now:
riotand suddenly i notice, that one of my core components (which works fine!) isn't started anywhere at all. How the fsck..?! I fear i have a heisenbug here.14:16
riotaah, oh, i automatically start _all_ the components :>14:19
riothmm, i think, it might work, but i'd prefer getting files via websocket. any ideas or hints?14:58
riotaaagh. I was using an older version due to virtualenv-stupidity - it worked via websocket all the time. *narf*15:56
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riotaaw, no, now i'm in some decode hell, because i want to transfer raw data via websocket. Wrapping it in json is no good.16:39
riotstupid 8-bit protocol-crap16:39
rioti'm not even sure which part is fscking it up, i strongly suspect javascript's JSON.stringify()16:40
riothmm. I'd love to get around that encoding bullcrap and just transfer bytes from browser to circuits....17:01
riotbut base64 encoding it at least gives me working functionality17:02
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riotspaceone: i'm not sure, could be my fault, but it seems, with the new buffering in place, large documents (that need the buffer) seem to arrive only later, once the next buffer has been filled. I think it is lacking a buffer termination or somewhat..?18:24
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