IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2016-12-26

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Romsterprologic, i just made a Dockerfile for crux 3.3 but it just wont run...09:35
Romster$ docker -D start contrib-3.309:35
RomsterError response from daemon: containerd: container not started09:35
RomsterError: failed to start containers: contrib-3.309:35
RomsterREPOSITORY                  TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE09:36
Romstercrux-3.3                    latest              00c34d7fb146        28 minutes ago      108.3 MB09:36
RomsterFROM scratch09:36
RomsterMaintainer Danny Rawlins, crux at romster dot me09:36
RomsterADD /09:36
RomsterCMD ["/bin/bash"]09:36
Romsterdriving me insane... i can always commit and work on a image but making an image from scratch never has worked for me. and i am rather frustrated -_-09:36
riotspaceone: i get socket disconnects when transferring larger base64 json encapsulated data via ssl'd websocket - same works well without ssl :-/ any idea what's going wrong? I have no clues here, logging just says socket disconnected14:46
prologicRomster: docker run -i -t ...20:28
prologicdon't use start unless you're trying to start a created or stopped container :)20:29
prologicriot: that's strange; can you wireshark it and see what's going on on the client or server side? something is closing the connection20:30
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riotprologic: can't promise a short-term result. I'm at the 33c3 ccc congress, but i'll add a ticket in my project. I've got a workaround (offering both ssl and insecure or something)23:17
prologicriot: ++23:17
Romster$ docker run -i -t crux-3.323:28
Romsterdocker: Error response from daemon: containerd: container not started.23:28
Romsteri've alwyas used docker start and docker attach23:28
Romsterit's when i try to make a docer container with a Dockerfile i fail at.23:28
Romsterdocker run -i -t -v /var/cache/ccache:/var/cache/ccache -v /home/romster/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/log:/var/log/pkgbuild -v /home/romster/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/packages:/var/ports/packages -v /home/romster/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/ports:/usr/ports --name="${PKG_PORT}" crux-3.323:29
Romsterand i do that in a docker-start shell script to setup my container.23:29
Romsterwhich works on my crux 2.2 image which is based off your crux 3.1 just manually upgraded and the image saved.23:30
prologictry with: docker run -i -t crux-3.3 /bin/bash23:52
prologicthere may be no default CMD or ENTRYPOINT23:52

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