IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2016-12-27

Romster$ docker run -i -t crux-3.3 /bin/bash00:02
Romsterdocker: Error response from daemon: containerd: container not started.00:02
Romsterit has a CMD entry point00:05
Romsteri built the rootfs as per your github scripts, only i extracted the details and i manually ran the commands.00:05
Romsteri am missing the /dev nodes in my rootfs :/ there's my problem00:32
prologicyes that would do it :)00:53
prologicI *thought* I had scripts to create those in the rootfs?00:53
Romsteryou do but they seem to be broken02:54
Romsterif you could get the crux 3.3 rc1 to work that would be great. i am having no luck.02:54
Romsteri'm gonna go out for awhile to frustrated right now to focus.02:55
*** mortackai has joined #circuits03:17
*** mortackai has quit IRC04:25

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