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Koshii need a circuit that switch the power from external outlet to battery13:18
Koshii search some circuits to google but nothing13:19
Koshisome elements i can not find to buy online13:19
Romster##electronics for that Koshi13:20
Romstera relay would do the job13:20
Koshii buy a relay but it was not so fast, and i saw same circuits with only transistors but i can not find them, to buy13:21
Romsteror a IGBT or mosfet circuit depending what exactly. they'll be able to help you out in ##electronics i need to get to bed13:21
Romsterso you are looking for a DC UPS13:22
Romsterthat supplies power from a battery and power supply that also charges the battery?13:22
Romsteri've seen pre-made ones for 12 volt sla batteries13:23
Romsterwhat voltage and current?13:23
Koshibut not 12v, i want 31 volt max 1 amp13:23
Romsterand battery chemistry?13:23
Koshilead bat13:24
Romsterso that would be 24 or 36 volt of battery13:24
Koshi24 volt but i will charge them with 30 volt13:25
Romsteryou would need a dc-dc converter from the 12 or 24 volt battery bank.13:25
Koshii have that, i just want the switch13:25
Koshii am not finding the right one13:25
Koshionly to switch the power from external outlet to batt when external outlet goes down13:26
Romsteryou could use a diode on the battery off the dc converter, if supply is a little higher than dc-dc converter then it'll use the dc power pack.13:27
Romstermost basic method.13:27
Romsterall you could do then is shutdown the dc-dc converter until the external outlet drops power.13:29
Romsterseries diode off the external source to battey charger, measure before the diode for loss of power and use that to power up the dc-dc converter off the battery.13:29
Romstera decent capacitor on the output will keep the voltage there long enough for the dc-dc to kick in.13:30
Koshithis is the circuit that i want to do
Koshibut i need the transistors that support 31 volt13:31
RomsterN channel mosfet should be easy.13:32
Romsterbuz71 is a very common N channel mosfet 14 amps 50 volts13:32
Romsterand Rds on resistance should be low enough to not need a heatsink at 1 amp13:33
Koshican i buy in ebay13:33
Romsteryes ebay has them13:34
Romsterbut i would be cautions i've seen fakes of some transistors with much smaller chips in them that wont even be rated at the specs.13:35
Romstermake sure it is genuine13:35
Romsteri usually go for radio parts, farnell/element14 or jaycar electronics. digikey should have them too.13:36
Romsteralso note this isn't a electronics channel but i happen to work with electronics :)13:36
Koshii am speaking to them13:37
Romsterthis is a circuits python framework event framework.13:37
Romstermore than one way to get that job done. ok i am gonna get to bed now.13:38
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Koshido you know any another circuit that make this what i want13:40
Koshido you suggest me another circuit that can help me13:41
Romsterpossibly but i haven't got time right now. ##electronics should be able to help you13:42
Romsterif you want check back with me later, it's nearly 1am here in the morning.13:42
Romsterabout to pass out.13:42
Koshiok thanks Romster13:44
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spaceoneriot: probably we have the same error which we had for websockets also for SSL sockets with large chunks (e.g. because multiple read events are fired?). if you give me an reproducible example i will fix it15:34
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