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apollo13prologic: your last commit seems to have introduced even more issues on mac:
prologicapollo13: probably07:57
prologicexcept that I can't repro here on my Mac :(07:57
prologicI'm going to back that commit out08:00
prologictime to head to work :)08:01
GitHub165[circuits] prologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub165circuits/master 4b1619a James Mills: Revert "Guard against OSError and SocketError when creating the control socket"...08:02
prologicthat error (before this commit) is around creating control sockets08:02
prologicwhich we should guard against08:02
prologicbut then if we can't create the control socket we're kind of fucked really08:02
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#559 (master - 4b1619a : James Mills): The build passed.08:30
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