IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2017-01-19

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apollo13prologic: around, got a few ideas on how to fix the pypy issues :)15:10
apollo13spaceone: oh, may I pick your brain=15:13
riotuhm, what event do i need to listen for to notice its teardown time, esp. upon ctrl-c? I can't really get a useful teardown of my zmq socket running. Tried on_prepare_unregister, but that is no good, stopped is never called.16:41
apollo13mhm, I'd throw the debugger in and see what events you get16:42
apollo13that said, I do not know how ctrl+c is handled when there are threads around16:43
apollo13riot: circuits/net/sockets does also use _on_prepare_unregister to close the server16:45
rioti have it (weirdly) running by listening for a "signal" event and checking if it is SIGTERM or SIGINT, like the debugger does.17:01
riothave to hit it twice now, though :/17:01
riotactually, no, on the other box it doesn't work. funny.17:17
apollo13riot: could it be that zmq installs a signal handler?17:19
riotmh, it works but i have to wait before pressing ctrl-c the second time.. weird18:20
apollo13riot: as a workaround you can probably do sys.exit(0) from your handler, but that might skip a few things18:27
apollo13but then again the process is dead afterwards anyways^^18:28
riotactually it works as expected now. I rebuilt a few bits of the threaded component, which seemed to remove the cause. I think some code for handling the stop wasn't executed, due to an unseen exception (fscking threads..)18:52
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