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prologicriot: listen to the signal event01:22
prologicriot: or stopped event01:22
prologicriot: not sure what you're doing per se but hitting ^C in a circuits apps that uses *any* socket component will incur a slight delay before terminating01:24
prologicto give a chance for things to flush/clear01:24
prologicACTION flying back to the US tomorrow01:26
prologicACTION was in Dublin all of this week01:26
prologicapollo13: spaceone WoW! you guys have gotten circuits master to "Build Passing", "78% Coverage" and "90% Health"01:28
prologicI'm impressed! WoW01:28
prologicCan we cut circuits 3.3 soon?01:29
prologicMaybe turn on strict branch/quality controls again?01:29
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apollo13prologic: well, there is still the issue with pypy (which I allow as failure, which is the reason why the tests are green in the first place)09:53
apollo13prologic: but to fix that, I'd have to know which methods are allowed to be called from other threads, .fire() seems to be one… wondering if we can use a deque in .fire() to push the events into an extra queue and then the handling thread does heappush if that one is not empty before popping/handling events. That is a bit out of my comfort area though09:54
GitHub153[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub153circuits/master 2989419 Florian Apolloner: Fixed #202 -- Removed the (unused) internal cache from EventType.10:01
spaceoneapollo13: I marked you at the specific lines10:09
spaceonegrr, python3 api changes:10:11
spaceone    path = re.sub(ur'\/{2,}', u'/', self.path)  # remove //10:11
spaceone                           ^10:11
spaceoneSyntaxError: invalid syntax10:11
spaceoneb'' % '' → TypeError ...10:24
spaceone{'': ''}[b''] → IndexError10:24
spaceoneb'%s' % (0.0,) → TypeError10:25
spaceonefuck rb'' is a syntax error in python210:32
spaceonegr, __metaclass__ not evaluated anymore10:41
GitHub12[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub12circuits/master 5797ea3 Florian Apolloner: Fixed manager.join()10:42
apollo13spaceone: doesn't show me anything, neither does the github notification stuff :(10:44
spaceoneapollo13: refresh without cache? → there are all comments as well as:10:45
apollo13spaceone: regarding your metaclass issue10:45
spaceonehm, then i need to include six :/10:45
spaceoneseems no way arround this10:46
apollo13spaceone: six is already in circuits10:46
apollo13circuits.six ;)10:46
apollo13that is what I see from your comments10:46
spaceonescroll up to the review10:47
spaceoneand you should have received email with every comment10:47
spaceonewhere a direct link points to this10:47
apollo13spaceone: did you actually finish the review? otherwise github won't show anything10:47
spaceoneoh? i thought they are released immediately10:48
apollo13no, if you start a review you have to finish it10:48
apollo13go to the pr files and on the right you should see approve/deny/comment to finish your review10:48
spaceoneapollo13: now?10:49
apollo13I was going crazy already10:49
spaceonehmm, thats not good, some comments are immediately shown and some are not10:50
spaceonei want them to be always displayed directly10:50
spaceonebut maybe i have to be cautious about which button i click10:51
apollo13you have to click "add single comment"10:52
apollo13the other one starts a review10:52
spaceonei hope i didn't start a review somewhere else...10:54
spaceoneis there some site which shows all pending reviews?10:54
apollo13no idea10:55
apollo13anyways, gotta finish a few other things and then take a look10:57
apollo13I find my most recent commit to master particulary funny :D10:57
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apollo13spaceone: ok, I think I got all your comments now :D11:22
spaceoneapollo13: yes11:29
apollo13spaceone: is it important that event classes have names or is it okay if just the instances have it?11:33
apollo13cause from the looks of it I can just delete EventType -- __init__ sets name anyways if it is not set11:33
spaceoneapollo13: as in python3 they don't have names it seems okay11:35
apollo13jupp, will yank it11:35
GitHub76[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub76circuits/master 07d8e43 Florian Apolloner: Removed EventType metaclass completely, refs #20211:36
apollo13spaceone: "Alright. Then it is wrong on python3." -- but out of scope for the PR -- do you think it is merge ready? if yes I'll merge and hope for the best :þ11:37
spaceoneapollo13: yes11:38
spaceoneapollo13: but wait11:38
spaceoneplease squash some commits11:38
spaceoneso that the unnecessary changes which got reverted don't appear11:39
apollo13spaceone: I'll squash them all, but github can do that during the merge automatically11:39
spaceonewell, but github appends all commit messages11:39
apollo13ah indeed, will do manually11:40
spaceoneis there a chr() function in python3 which returns bytes ?11:40
spaceoneb''.join(map(chr, range(0x80, 0xFF)))11:40
spaceone→ fail in python311:40
spaceonenice, this could be: bytes(range(0x80, 0xFF))11:41
spaceoneif python2 would support this11:41
apollo13bytes(bytearray(range(0x80, 0xFF)))11:42
apollo13should work on py2 too11:42
spaceoneb''.join([bytearray(range(0x80, 0xFF))])11:44
spaceoneah yes11:44
apollo13yeah, but no need for the join in that form11:44
spaceonenice :)11:44
GitHub103[circuits] apollo13 closed pull request #200: WIP: Flake8 & isort (master...flake8_isort)
GitHub170[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub170circuits/master f2798d0 Florian Apolloner: Flake8 & isort. Also updated while on it.11:45
apollo13spaceone: I agree that http code on py2/3 is annoying -- but it is relatively easily doable and if you were on py3.5+ it is actually going to be somewhat nice :D11:46
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spaceoneapollo13: yes, that's why i am doing the step forward11:47
spaceoneapollo13: s/xrange/range/ ?!11:49
apollo13yes, unless you need a list ;)11:49
apollo13rather py2 range is a list and py3 range is a generator11:49
apollo13so when you reuse them make sure to put list around it11:50
apollo13but xrange -> range should be fine11:50
apollo13or you use six.moves.range11:50
spaceonehmm, the tests are awfully slow on python3.12:03
spaceoneand wtf am i getting so much coveralls mails?!12:04
apollo13cause coverage is annoying12:05
apollo13they have that bug since a while and not fixing it12:05
spaceonewe should change to
apollo13yeah, I do not have the rights to do so I think12:06
spaceonewhic my projects already are at12:06
GitHub65[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub65circuits/master 331da4f Florian Apolloner: Simplified coveralls integration.12:07
GitHub171[circuits] apollo13 closed pull request #203: Simplified coveralls integration. (master...coveralls)
apollo13I just pushed the simplified coveralls integration -- if you could switch us to codecov that would be nice12:07
spaceoneyou remove the tests/main.py12:08
spaceonenow i don't know how to run the tests anymore12:08
apollo13oh :D12:08
apollo13py.test :D12:08
spaceonealso -r", "fsxX", "--durations=10", "--ignore=tmp" has been removed12:08
apollo13ok, will readd that to the configs12:09
apollo13I think we can do that via config files without hardcoding that12:10
apollo13spaceone: I was trying to get down to one way to run the tests, we could readd a python test hook, but in general tox -e py35 (or whatever env you want) is a good way to run the tests12:13
apollo13or just py.test using your existing system/setup12:13
apollo13if you'd like another way to run things, tell me -- I just got confused by the like 10 possible entry points12:15
apollo13also if you use tox you can use "--" and everything after that is passed to py.test12:15
spaceonefor me it was always clear12:15
spaceonei opened main.py12:15
spaceonecopied -r", "fsxX", "--durations=10", "--ignore=tmp"12:15
spaceoneands that12:15
apollo13so tox -e py26 -- -x would fail on the first failed test12:16
spaceonei have no tox installed12:16
apollo13just py.test then, I am adding those opts to the config files so they should get picked up automatically12:16
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GitHub183[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub183circuits/master 4666b85 Florian Apolloner: Readded default py.test options.12:19
apollo13spaceone: okay, so with the newest commit if you run "py.test tests/web/" you should get the same behavior as before12:19
apollo13ie slowest then tests etc12:19
apollo13please tell me if you miss something else12:19
spaceonenice, thanks12:20
apollo13if we want it as python test too we can add
apollo13spaceone: oh wow, codecov is easily enable by just replacing coveralls with codecov everywhere and we are done XD + prologic probably needs to setup since he is the admin and disable coveralls12:25
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#596 (master - 4666b85 : Florian Apolloner): The build passed.12:26
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spaceoneWTF my tests are passing in one minute under py2 and failing in 30 minutes under py312:27
apollo13got a link to the travis build?12:29
spaceoneit's basically one test which runs very long12:31
apollo13do you know which one?12:32
spaceonegr, if one test fails to import all the following are skipped12:39
apollo13that is weird :D12:40
spaceone749 failed, 71 passed, 11016 skipped, 26 xfailed, 221 error in 63.49 seconds12:43
apollo13better :)12:44
apollo13but you have really plenty of tets12:44
spaceoneit will take days to fix all of the unicode-byets issues12:46
spaceonefrom __past__ import bytes_literals12:46
spaceonehm, i would like to know some sed script to transform every string literal into b''12:51
spaceone707 failed, 109 passed, 11016 skipped, 26 xfailed, 220 error in 56.88 seconds12:53
spaceoneone string literal changed :D12:53
spaceoneNameError: name 'unicode' is not defined12:53
prologicapollo13: do we want to use instead? happy to do so; file an issue and assign it to me with whatever details I need13:02
prologicI already have an account setup from the other day13:02
apollo13prologic: I have no idea what you need to do on the codecov side; if you can just disable coveralls and enable codecov I can open a PR and see :D13:03
apollo13spaceone might know what you actually have to do since he used it13:03
apollo13basically go to and add a webhook13:04
apollo13then you are done I think13:04
apollo13and we maybe need a codecov.yml13:05
prologicI see13:09
prologicthis is good enough info; I'll do it as soon as I'm home13:09
prologicon/in my flight back home to the US atm :)13:09
prologicwith that shitty ~800ms latency internet :)13:09
prologicAlso I see ~12hrs of unread backlog here; what did I miss? can anyone summarize?13:10
GitHub178[circuits] apollo13 opened pull request #204: Changed coveralls to codecov. (master...codecov)
apollo13prologic: I've updated six, flake8 & isorted the whole codebase. Made py.test the canonical entry point for tests -- should be the tl;dr13:11
apollo13 lets see if it manages to submit to codecov without a repo really setup :D13:11
prologicre codecov.io13:12
prologicI think that's done; I created the Webhook13:12
prologiclet's see if that's all we need?13:12
apollo13jupp, should see in a minute13:12
prologicand also; awesome work you've been doing! really impressive13:13
apollo13 seems to be doing some things13:14
prologicI saw a comment in some issue/thread somewhere between you and spaceone about circuits.web vs circuits.http (spaceone's derivative) and I wanted to point out a few things13:14
prologicactually you could always override the error page by simply listening to the response_failure event I believe13:14
prologicand a few other things were also already there13:14
prologic-but- circuits.web is a mess of cobbled together bits of BaseHTTPServer and CherryPy shoved into what circuits is all about; components and events13:15
prologicso -- I'm all for rewriting circuits.web entirely!13:15
prologicas long as it's still all event-driven and has nice components (ala the circuits way)13:15
apollo13what about backwards compat? or is it not that much in use anways?13:16
riotprologic: i think i have that running. I'm asking the thread that handles zmq to stop when the circuits component that spawns it gets a signal that is SIG_TERM/INT - works most of the time. I think it does not when i have a bug in the thread - when the stop handler is not able to respond because the thread threw a hidden exception.13:16
spaceonecodecov works13:17
prologicI think we can completely rewrite circuits.web without breaking backwards compat too much13:17
spaceoneprologic: it's not circuits.web VS circuits.http13:17
prologicIHMO most of the interface (the events themselves) should remain the same13:18
GitHub52[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub52circuits/master 623ea8c Florian Apolloner: Changed coveralls to codecov.13:18
GitHub25[circuits] apollo13 closed pull request #204: Changed coveralls to codecov. (master...codecov)
prologicwhat will probably break a lot is the req/res objects (the containers that actually hold http req/res data/attributes)13:18
spaceoneprologic: in circuist.web there are parameter: (request, response) in circuits.http there is only client.{request,response,socket,server,…}13:19
prologicriot: interesting; do you or can you provide us a minimal repro case where the signal handler doesn't behave correctly?13:19
prologicspaceone: no I know :) but I sympathize with your original needs for writing your own web framework on top of circuits13:20
prologicspaceone: circuits.web (I admit) kind of sucks but it works :)13:20
prologicin any case circuits is not about a web framework per se but it should have a good one :)13:21
prologichopefully between apollo13's experience from Django we can make it better overall :)13:21
spaceoneIt's actually Client.{request,response,socket,server,user,domain,resource,method,local,remote,ssl,session}13:22
prologicspaceone: yeah that's also the approach some golang frameworks take; just passing around a context object that containers everything13:22
apollo13how much is .web used? what about just introducing newweb and then deprecate web?13:22
spaceoneusing names like 'new' and '2' is bullshit13:23
spaceoneSet-Cookie2: blah13:23
apollo13bullshit is relative, it allowed us in django to have newforms and forms and at some point just drop forms and rename everything -- that is imo a sensible choice if you are going to have to many differences13:24
apollo13either way, personally for web I have django, so I am not going to use circuits.web/http anyways :D13:25
spaceoneanother difference: circuits.web: request.kwargs = parse_qs() + parse_body() (for all http features some functions are called), circuits.http: client.request.body.{query,query_string} and → HTTP is the interface, there is only one way to parse the data and this is defined by the http headers13:27
spaceonethe parsing should be done once. not everywhere where it might be needed13:27
spaceonein circuits.web every method in BaseComponent can be reached in different ways: 1. GET /foo/bar 2. GET /foo?bar=1 3. GET /foo/ with body bar=baz etc.13:29
spaceonein circuits.http the uri is bound to a resource, which calls the function defined for the HTTP method13:30
riotprologic: nah, i don't think it is the signal handler. I did not yet come around to adding thread safe exceptions to the threading.Thread component i have, so i assume it is the (threaded) method the handler executes that is misbehaving (sometimes. depending on the state of the thread)13:32
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spaceonein circuits.web you need to do: response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json'; response.body = json.dump(data). in circuits.http you return some data and add some codecs for the accepted mime types. the client chooses the preferred mimetype, not the server13:32
spaceone(well it's a contract of both, client and server) → content negotiation13:32
GitHub127[circuits] apollo13 created codecov (+2 new commits):
GitHub127circuits/codecov d5f0340 Florian Apolloner: Changed coveralls to codecov.13:48
GitHub127circuits/codecov 2c6eec5 Florian Apolloner: Removed from coverage.13:48
GitHub103[circuits] apollo13 deleted codecov at 2c6eec5:
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GitHub66[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub66circuits/master bb7e71e Florian Apolloner: Put everything (except six) under coverage.14:07
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spaceonewtf. why does json.dumps() return unicode in py314:26
prologicbecause dumps is string?14:41
prologicmaybe there's a dumpb()?14:41
apollo13spaceone: the stdlib is a mess :D14:47
spaceone719 failed, 322 passed, 11016 skipped, 26 xfailed in 56.65 seconds14:48
spaceonethis is soo much work :(14:48
spaceone>           return b''.join(b'%%%X' % (ord(d),) if d not in charset else d for d in data)14:52
spaceoneE           TypeError: sequence item 0: expected a bytes-like object, int found14:52
GitHub113[circuits] prologic created issue#179 (+1 new commit):
GitHub113circuits/issue#179 0c5578f James Mills: [docs]: Fixed documentation for circuits.core.Worker...15:01
GitHub148[circuits] prologic opened pull request #205: [docs]: Fixes documentation for circuits.core.Worker (master...issue#179)
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spaceonegive up for now...15:25
spaceonehave a nice weekend15:25
apollo13spaceone: you too15:25
prologicspaceone: have a nice weekend!15:29
prologicI'm trying to work on
apollo13prologic: btw one thing was hidden in that backlog -- with regards to threading. would it be possible for .fire() to just push events into a dequeue (which is guranteed to be thread-safe) and then have the code that consumes manager._queue (ie the handling thread) pull stuff out of the dequeue and heappush into its _queue15:31
apollo13if we could get that working somehow, it should be possible to use .fire from another thread (for tests) without to much performance loss15:31
apollo13otherwise we will have to really lock-guard all access to _queue (aside from len() maybe)15:31
prologicactually funny thing15:33
prologiccircuits.core.managers.Manager used to use a deque once :)15:34
prologicbut honestly I feel like no-one really uses the whole event priority really15:34
prologici.e:, priority=N)15:34
apollo13wait events have a priority?15:34
apollo13I thought handlers have one15:34
prologicboth :)15:35
apollo13what does a priority on an event even mean?15:35
prologicyou can in fact ire events at a higher priority than others15:35
prologicand they'll be dequeed first15:35
prologicI think there was one person that used this15:35
apollo13any usecase?15:35
prologicfor a circuits app that did some realtime stuff with audio15:36
prologicso maybe removing it is not such a good idea :)15:36
apollo13realtime audio in python?15:36
prologicwell real-time-ish15:36
apollo13well, who is that person? :D couldn't we get away with two queues then?!15:36
apollo13ie normal priority and high priority15:36
prologicI think he managed to get circuits to perform with enough perf to get down to ~10Hz timing ir something15:36
prologicI don't honestly remember -- it was a while back15:37
apollo13would still be easier than the heap queue15:37
prologicand used the component heavily15:37
prologictwo queues eh? hmm15:37
apollo13anyways, I managed to once get the pypy failures even on py3.something15:37
apollo13so the issue seems to be very real and not a pypy problem :D15:37
prologicwanna have a crack at what you suggested?15:38
prologicAFAIK there should be tests for event priority15:38
prologicas well as handler priority15:38
apollo13well I can try. but I am not sure how15:39
apollo13or rather .fire() should be threadsafe, anything else?15:40
apollo13.tick()? probably not I think, that should only get called in that one thread I assume15:40 and .wait() rely on fire15:40
prologicso not sure if they need anthing special15:40
prologicyeah .tick() is called peridocially inside the manager (the managing component/thread)15:41
prologicused to tick over all coroutines/tasks15:41
apollo13gotta see if I understand it -- last time I got stuck at
prologicoh that stuff haha15:44
prologicdon't blame me for that code15:44
apollo13na, just trying to understand15:44
prologicit's all to do with blocking if there's nothing to do instead of spin-looping15:45
apollo13I at least found  now15:45
prologicand also how all I/O components work by firing generate_events()15:45
apollo13yeah, I guess I only understand half of that currently15:48
prologicthat's 1/2 more then me :)15:49
apollo13grml :(15:49
prologicheh :)15:52
riotrealtime audio in python? YESS. I could finally build me my own modular soft synth19:00
riotalso: a little pet/side-project i started some time ago:
GitHub35[circuits] apollo13 opened pull request #206: Removed a bit of whitespace. (master...whitespace)
GitHub98[circuits] apollo13 pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub98circuits/master 4c55575 Florian Apolloner: Removed a bit of whitespace.19:20
GitHub103[circuits] apollo13 closed pull request #206: Removed a bit of whitespace. (master...whitespace)
apollo13prologic: how much "stress" does that produce on the master process? ie assume it is not doing anything aside from waiting for that to finish, how often would that get called?19:30
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prologicapollo13: good questin; I do not know :/20:10
prologicbut you know what -- we should build support for counters/metrics in circuits20:10
prologicall the big companies have metrics driven software systems why shouldn't circuits :)20:11
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apollo13prologic: regarding the whitespace, it was mainly to normalize and only at the start of the file20:17
prologicokay :)20:17
apollo13prologic: if that causes a problem I can revert and add one or two lines…20:17
prologicsetting up branch prot again20:17
prologicno it's okay leave it :)20:17
apollo13regarding metrics: prometheus ist the cool new thing ;)20:18
apollo13prologic: with branch protection you get a chance to stop me before committing now :D20:19
prologicPlease review
prologicand vice versa if I try to commit stupid crap :)20:23
prologicyeah I'm not super familiar with how applications ca publish metrics20:23
prologicwe should see if there at least one or two standardish ways20:24
prologiclike collectd or something20:24
apollo13collectd/statsd etc is already old and boring20:27
apollo13prometheus :D20:27
prologicbut what does an app/system need to expose?20:28
prologictightly integrating with prometheus here should not be the goal20:28
apollo13memory usage, uptime, cputime20:29
prologicbuilding builtin metrics publishers into circuits should that agents can pickup20:29
prologicyeah exactly20:29
prologicn_events, n_exceptions, n_tasks, etc20:30
apollo13mhm, that sounds interesting and a good idea for me to learn circuits20:30
prologicand decorators to support custom counters20:30
prologickdb: events20:30
kdbEvents: 8808178720:30
prologickdb (a highly pulggable IRC bot written in circuits ofc) has some internal counters20:31
kdbUnknown Command: (a20:31
apollo13I'll see if I can come up with a Prometheus Metrics component, afaik you just need to expose an http endpoint20:31
prologicbut no way to publish/collect them anywhere useful20:31
prologickdb: errors20:31
kdbNo errors20:31
prologickdb: uptime20:31
kdbUptime: 99+12:33:45 (CPU: 67771.48s 0.79%)20:31
prologickdb: mstats20:31
kdbMemory Usage: 30.11MB20:31
prologicif that's all it takes is a HTTP endpoint; that's perfect!20:32
apollo13yeah, prometheus is pull based20:32
apollo13which has benefits20:32
prologicthen we just need an internal structure to store and bump counters, reset counters, etc20:32
prologicand bam we're done20:32
apollo13ie if prometheus doesn't scape every second or so, you just loose resolution, but not the numbers per se20:32
prologic*then* I can accurately answer your question on Worker from before :)20:33
apollo13even better, we can easily graph memory usage then etc…20:33
prologicwe should also support push based systems too20:33
prologicthe one I'm very familiar with is InfluxDB20:33
prologicI can write one for that as well20:34
apollo13well, for me it is first and foremost a learning system, so I'll do something for prometheus and then follow your guidance on how to make it plugable/reusable20:34
apollo13btw how strongly are the pollers modified from twisted?20:34
apollo13ie would twisted be possible as dependency instead?20:35
prologicahh no :)20:36
prologicand heavily borrowed from Twisted20:36
prologicbut no; circuits cannot depend on Twisted without much change in architecture :)20:37
prologiccircuits *can* run Twisted apps/protocols :) lol20:37
prologicthere's a circuits.twisted repo I believe20:37
prologicbut very old and probably needs work to make it work again20:37
prologicI never migrated it to GH I don't think20:39
prologicfor fear Twisted devs would shoot me :)20:39
prologicGlyph (the original author of Twisted) has for years and years tried to convince me to make circuits run atop Twisted20:39
apollo13oh, amber would not shoot you20:39
prologicbut it as easier going the other way around :)20:39
apollo13mhm, maybe we can bribe amber to try rewriting it onto twisted XD20:40
apollo13seems easy enough XD20:40
prologicbut writing components is easy :)20:40
apollo13yes, I will write that one http component20:40
prologictbh I'm not sure of the benefits of running circuits atop Twisted20:40
apollo13hehe, probably none20:41
prologicbut there is a definite benefit in integration the other way aroud; reusing Twisted protocols and libraries20:41
apollo13but if I managed that I'd certainly understand how circuits works ;)20:41
prologicsomeone needs to do circuits+Tornado integration and circuits+asyncio integration too20:41
prologicso we can just reuse and wrap into components anything out there20:41
apollo13how do I set a content-type on circuits.web?20:46
apollo13ah there we go20:47
GitHub182[circuits] prologic force-pushed issue#179 from 0c5578f to 27345bc:
GitHub182circuits/issue#179 27345bc James Mills: [docs]: Fixed documentation for circuits.core.Worker...20:48
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apollo13prologic: :D20:58
apollo13already monitoring
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GitHub189[circuits] prologic closed pull request #205: [docs]: Fixes documentation for circuits.core.Worker (master...issue#179)
GitHub64[circuits] prologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub64circuits/master 70080ac James Mills: [docs]: Fixed documentation for circuits.core.Worker (#205)...21:06
prologicapollo13: WoW!21:12
prologicThat was fast :)21:12
prologicI'm impressed21:12
prologicnow let's make the code modular and circuits style :)21:12
prologicand add a bunch more counters for cpu and internal counters21:12
apollo13that is all that is needed :D21:12
apollo13not exactly sure how to abstract that21:13
apollo13prometheus is so simple and nice, let me start up grafana to show you something nice21:13
prologicoh fuck wow21:13
prologicthat's it?! :)21:13
apollo13well you register that on a web.BAseServer and you are done21:14
prologicof course21:14
apollo13now you can obviously get fancy by grouping on certain channels etc… but… ;)21:14
prologicokay when I do an InfluxDB one I'll have to see about ways of making the API the same for both :)21:14
prologicor maybe Prometheus is the bees knees? :)21:15
apollo13;) let me put that into grafana and you will cry21:15
prologicgo fer it :)21:16
prologicThere you go #208 is yours :)21:20
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prologiclanding soon21:28
prologiccya later21:28
apollo13prologic: taken the total counter and graphed them as rates per minute :D21:36
apollo13or lovlier
*** Coldblackice has quit IRC22:00
apollo13mhm weird, sometimes I get a simple echoserver which I cannot kill via ctrl+c22:19
apollo13gotta see if I can debug that22:20
prologicapollo13: wow23:54
prologicnice graphs :)23:54
prologicme wants!23:54
apollo13it is literally just the few lines I showed and clicking it together in grafana :D23:54

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