IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2017-01-30

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GitHub166[circuits] spaceone force-pushed starttls from 27c689e to a309db7:
GitHub166circuits/starttls a309db7 SpaceOne: Implement STARTTLS event; Fix #113...17:24
prologicriot: apollo13 been folling the backlog a it17:39
prologicyou should most definiately register Daemon() as early as possible17:39
prologicand more importantly ensure it is started as early as possible17:40
GitHub83[circuits] prologic closed pull request #214: Implement STARTTLS event; Fix #113 (master...starttls)
GitHub27[circuits] prologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub27circuits/master 7bd87d1 ⁣ Florian Best: Implement STARTTLS event; Fix #113 (#214)...17:41
spaceoneprologic: → this needs to have more information what should be done there17:46
spaceoneit would be nice if we can get all the opened issues closed in the next month17:46
prologicClosed :)18:12
spaceonethanks :D18:12
prologicnps :)18:13
prologicalso re the SSL handshake issues18:13
prologicI haven't had time to get back to this yet (because it's complex/hard)18:13
prologicbut I'll update the issue with some details soon18:13
prologicbut the long story short is the old way we did SSL handshake was not async and blocked in TCPClient18:14
prologicso I've been trying to make that async in the associated PR but so far I haven't been able to make the handshake work correctly18:14
spaceoneACTION now driving home from work18:19
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riotwhy is debian packaging such a pita..23:13
apollo13riot: lol :D23:14
apollo13riot: it is not that bad23:14
riotit is. Seriously bad. _all_ of the tools i used (tried 3 or 4 different ways so far) are broken, stupid or worse: both23:16
riotstdeb seems to be the only variant yielding something halfway usable. gruesome business, though.23:16
riotsetuptools are still fscked up beyond belief. I mean, e.g. i obviously want to package the frontend into the debian package as well, so i opt for using package_data and go the stupid way to prepare a manifest etc.. what does the stupid motherfscking thing do? Loose all the directory structure and copy package-data into one folder. why the fsck would anyone want that?23:17
apollo13well, setuptools is not debians fault23:18
apollo13and the new dh_python is not that bad from what I heard23:18
riotno, but the debian stuff and their ignorance to certain aspects isn't helping at all23:18
rioti haven't tried that yet, the concept looked just too alien to me23:19
spaceoneuse dh_python2!23:19
riotokay, i'll go back and check that.23:19
apollo13so just that I understand you properly, you are complaining about the debian packaging situation while not using the recommended (working) one?23:19
apollo13that seems a bit, wel…23:19
apollo13excessive ;)23:20
spaceonegn8 :)23:27

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