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spaceoneke4roh: I answered to your stackoverflow question14:28
ke4rohspaceone: thanks!14:28
ke4rohACTION reads to catch up...14:29
spaceoneke4roh: for fetching 2 urls at the same time: maybe it helps to create a new event and fire this instead where you fetch and fire all events after another14:30
spaceonemaybe there is also something wrong in circuits.web.client which prevents this14:30
ke4rohspaceone: I'm pretty sure there is.14:30
spaceoneACTION doesn't use circuits.web14:31
spaceoneso i don't really know14:31
ke4rohspaceone: I was working on a workaround using a Worker and urllib3, but Manager.wait(event,channel) appears to block if the event is already complete when the call to wait is made.14:32
ke4rohI can also write a test for that...14:32
spaceonewould be nice14:34
spaceonei had issues with that before, too14:34
spaceonewaiting for already finished events14:34
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ke4rohspaceone: ah, yes, issue #18214:57
ke4rohspaceone: although your patch just makes it so you can wait on multiples, not so that you can wait on one that has already finished.14:59
ke4rohI will see what I can do about one that is finished.14:59
spaceoneke4roh: i don't understand how it can be finished in your example15:01
spaceonebecuase you are just twice15:01
spaceoneso the second wait doesn't work anymore15:01
ke4rohspaceone: right.  If I fire, fire, wait, wait, then the second wait always (so far) blocks forever (or until timeout)15:02
ke4rohand I can't even catch the timeout from around the yield!15:02
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ke4roh_spaceone: I'm having a devil of a time introducing a new test.  I run, which passes, then I add a new function test_wait_too_late(manager,watcher, app) at the end...17:05
ke4roh_spaceone: and then it complains TypeError: test_wait_too_late() missing 3 required positional arguments: 'manager', 'watcher', and 'app'17:05
ke4roh_but I am probably missing something magic about pytest.17:05
ke4roh_and google and grep are failing me at the moment.17:05
spaceoneke4roh: just add these arguments to the function17:11
spaceonethese are fixtures from conftest.py17:11
spaceoneke4roh: hm.. please send me the diff17:12
ke4rohspaceone: that's not the finished test - it will hang if it does as I suspect.17:15
ke4rohI need to wrap it with a timeout that will fail rather quickly anyhow.17:15
ke4rohbut I wanted to see *something* happen, and I was surprised by what I saw.17:16
spaceoneke4roh: probably this happens because of the yield17:22
spaceonethis won't be a coroutine if you yield inside of it17:22
spaceonebecause it is no @handler()17:22
spaceoneke4roh: instead if yield you can use app.ticket() or something like this17:23
spaceoneor manager.tick()17:24
spaceonenot sure17:24
ke4rohspaceone: you're right that it is because of the yield. I took out both yields and the test ran correctly.17:24
spaceoneke4roh: the test looks working nice. you could do a @pytest.mark.xfail() and submit a pull request18:07
spaceone@pytest.mark.xfail(reason='Issue #226')18:08
kdbUnknown Command: pytest.mark.xfail(reason='issue18:08
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GitHub153[circuits] ke4roh opened pull request #227: Write a test for issue 226 (master...issue226)
spaceonenice :) kdb20:51
GitHub76[circuits] spaceone pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub76circuits/master 1b69122 Jim Scarborough: Write a test for issue #226...21:11
GitHub120[circuits] spaceone closed pull request #227: Write a test for issue 226 (master...issue226)
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