IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2017-03-04

riotaah, i'm trying to get stuff running on a win7 vm - astonishingly i got python and mongodb up and running, my code is there, but circuits won't import the socket, looks for AF_UNIX.. hmm.01:00
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spaceoneriot: oh... there was a change11:22
spaceoneAF_UNIX of course doesn't exists on windows11:22
spaceonebut i asked in #python if that works on windows as well11:23
spaceonethat → the import11:23
spaceonewhy doesn't the travisCI tests show that?11:23
apollo13cause we do not have a windows runner?12:32
spaceonei thought so16:09
spaceonewe had one once16:09
spaceonei had holidays over my birthday last week… and next month i am in egypt for 2 weeks. and before this i have much work as my company makes a new release16:11
spaceonei hope after this i can have a look at some more things16:12
spaceonei would like to make a new circuits release16:12
apollo13would be nice, yeah16:25
apollo13I am currently swamped at work with the new security stuff for registrierkassen :/16:26
apollo13spaceone: not really, to speed up our deployment processes I've setup a centos 6 last week so we can now precompile and ship to the customers instead of building on their servers16:35
apollo13wondering when stuff will break, I did compile openssl/curl/boost myself16:36
apollo13and well, we are shipping cpp11 to systems which do not support it OOTB, hail to centos devtools which do some magic16:36
apollo13works kinda well, getting to love gitlab CI more and more :D16:44
spaceonebtw. do you have an opinion about ?16:47
apollo13mhm, not to much, I usually use 3-clause BSD or MIT16:53
apollo13one could go trolling16:56
apollo13send github takedown requests for software mirrors/etc of 4-clause BSD etc16:56
apollo13then you'd quickly see how serious they are16:57
rioti still don't really understand the problem with gpl licenses there.16:57
apollo13I don't think GPL would have a problem16:57
apollo13the problem is licenses requiring attribution16:58
riotsomeone mentioned gpl would have issues there as well, but it was another article16:58
riotnow that i have install of some packages directly from github working (some of them indeed bsd/mit) i worry that they might break now - what a dickmove :(17:00
apollo13either way, IANAL -- I'll wait for some official statement from lets say the FSF17:01

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