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softiniojust discovered circuits framework can someone tell me how far along development we are on this framework being production ready on par with Flask lets say?14:17
rioti ditched flask, bottle, django etc. in favour of circuits. It is just waay better suited to write real application servers. You can do simple webstuff (a la flask) easily as well, but it is so much more powerful and flexible.14:22
riotalso very suitable for non-web apps. I am building a game engine with it and have some time ago built a midi/joystick/(video)/audio mixer with it.14:24
riotit drives the whole backend of Hackerfleet's OS, which is a small team groupware primarily aimed at sailors. That includes listening to sensor data busses, driving carthography backends, mesh networking, etc.14:25
riotand more or less out of the box, it (obviously) also delivers the frontend/gui - html5 with angular - as well as the (Websocket-)data connection to clients14:26
softiniowhy did i not hear about it till now it does look great14:34
spaceonebecause there is no marketing :D18:29
spaceonethe best things are always underground18:30
riotACTION is having the same problem with his overall project.21:15
riotgotta annoy the communities more.21:15
riotuh, is there a way that a component can tear itself down upon init, e.g. if something critical (yet only for that component) fails?21:44
riotself.unregister() + self.stop() doesn't do it21:44

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