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chilli0Hello :)00:02
pdurbinwhat's up chilli000:04
chilli0not too much00:04
chilli0trying to build from the wget example for cicuits00:05
chilli0want to fetch multiple sites  asynchronously00:05
chilli0but not too sure what the right way would be to go about it. Would looping the ready/fire event be async?00:06
pdurbincan you please link me to the wget example?00:06
chilli0So if I wanted to pass a list to it, adding a loop at the fire function woudn't really make it work properly00:10
chilli0any ideas pdurbin ?00:17
pdurbinI'm looking. And I'm playing Sleeping Queens with my 7 year old. I don't know Circuits very well.00:17
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pdurbinI mean, the url seem to be given to WebClient as sys.argv[1]00:20
pdurbinSo I guess I would try feeding your list there and calling run on each url in the list.00:21
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chilli0Thats what i've done, and then have a for x loop in the ready event00:24
chilli0but I don't think thats the right way I should be doing it as it's not very fast00:25
pdurbincan you post your code?00:25
pdurbinthanks. if you stick around I bet someone can help ( prologic spaceone riot etc)00:41
chilli0All good :) Thanks for having a look00:45
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pdurbinchilli0: you could also post your question to stackoverflow and tag it so that it appears here:
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