IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2017-03-18

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prologichey all21:08
prologicbeen quite busy at work so sorry for my absense :)21:08
pdurbinprologic: it's ok but I could have used you when I tried to answer a question at :)21:17
prologicoh? /me reads21:50
prologicthe only problem is we lack a multiplexed client component21:52
pdurbinOk. Well, it sounds like we should add a variation of that does what he was trying to do: download a list of feeds. Would that be hard to add?22:01
prologicno not really22:04
prologicwanna have a crack? :)22:04
prologicit can be done now without a multiplex'ing client22:04
prologicjust modify the example to spawn multiple clients on separate channels22:04
pdurbinI tried back when I was helping him and couldn't figure it out.22:05
prologicokay lemme try :)22:05
prologiche just wants: given a list of urls, download them all concurrently?22:05
prologic(well which is also asynchronously because circuits I/O components)22:06

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