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riotis there a way to register a handler by providing the triggering object - i.e. not by name?18:05
rioti think, using the event objects name (and not its modulename etc) is very bad for a really modular approach, where event names (without module name) may overlap18:06
rioti'm stumbling over this, because i formalized my events to build an enduser-compatible conditional event programming interface (hfos.automat)18:07
riotone solution i'm right now thinking of, would be to override with a more complete one for the event class i'm using18:09
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jazizdo you guys understand this?22:24
jazizcoupled with this?22:25
apollo13jaziz: you are in the wrong channel :)22:25
jazizsorry haha22:26
apollo13no worries22:26
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