IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2017-07-02

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amee2kmorning everyone :307:41
amee2ki'm really new to circuits and trying to connect to a UNIX SEQPACKET socket as client. there is no pre-made class in class in that i found so i'm doing this:  <<  after starting, it just sits there (after the "error 91" line) and does nothing. what am i doing wrong here?  o.o07:48
amee2ki tried trivially subclassing Client to change the socket type, but i couldn't get it to work (complained about missing _create_socket(), but not sure how to provide one)07:52
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prologicamee2k: hi16:12
prologiccaught me at the right time :D16:12
prologicI'm not familiar with a SOCK_SEQPACKET type socket16:16
prologicthat error seems to indicate NOMSG16:16
prologicits possible you're going to have to implement your own here with the right behavior16:17
prologicor send us a PR with socket_options (optional) and internal changes to make this work16:17

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