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amee2kprologic: "PR"? i got it to work in the end using this:  which seems to work, even if it is ugly... now i'm trying to add some web server to the whole thing, where i'm kinda stumbling into annoying issues as well  o.o13:45
amee2kp.s. sorry for the slow reply... yesterday has been kinda crazy here >_>13:46
amee2kand i think i found something weird...  <<  this is pretty much the "baseserver" example from github, with a timer added that prints a line once a second. the timer handler function has a minor issue though (uses undefined variable "v"). if i run this and the timer fires for the first time the process locks up at 100% CPU (and stops responding to CTRL+C even!)13:53
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amee2kis there a way to avoid this? and/or get error messages without running under Debugger?13:54
riothmm. Sounds like you hit a recursion. Is the process growing in memory usage while at 100%?15:29
prologicamee2k: pull request16:22
prologiccontribute back :D16:22
prologicACTION gotts go to work16:23
amee2kprologic: ooh, ok :316:45
amee2kriot: just tried again (without Debugger). it does, at a rate of ~100MB/s16:46
amee2kdidn't notice that at first16:46
riotthat is the stack growing. if it does so until it dies (i.e. gets killed for consuming too much mem), its definitely a recursion problem17:50
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