IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2017-07-05

spaceoneamee2k: don't subclass Client but UNIXClient!11:45
amee2kspaceone: i couldn't figure out how to properly subclass either, so right now i'm making a UNIXClient and my own socket separately, then stuff the socket into the unixclient's '_socket' member11:49
spaceoneclass MyClient(UNIXSocket):11:50
spaceone    socket_type = UNIX_SEQPACKET11:50
amee2kthats really ugly IMO, but it seems to work fine so far. right now i have the annoying recursion issue if a handler has a program error in it11:50
amee2khmm... i'll try that when i'm home :311:51
amee2kis there a reason why address family and socket type aren't orthogonal?11:52
amee2ki'd think there would be a StreamClient and a DatagramClient, and it just passes the address value on down to the socket layer underneath without caring about the format11:53
spaceonewhat would be the benefit? the class design looks good imo11:59
amee2ki would have thought it'll be easier than making a class for every combination12:00
spaceonethen you have to always give arguments to the constructor12:00
spaceonethat's not easier for the developer12:01
spaceoneor would you internally decide what kind of adress familiy it is?12:01
spaceonewe have some functtions which map the 'adress' to the class12:02
spaceonein circuits.http I have event a mapping of URI to Class (e.g. unix://foo/bar → UnixServerSocket)12:02
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