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robert_prologic: sup19:35
prologicbuilding out prometheus configs20:01
robert_so if any of you were designing a build system similar to Kbuild, what would it look like?20:10
robert_I keep coming back to this because I keep having issues that are solved by it, lol20:12
apollo13I would name it cmake20:12
apollo13oh wait20:12
apollo13seriously, what is missing from cmake for you?20:14
robert_from what I hear, it's difficult to incorporate something like kbuild/mconf20:14
apollo13you mean that gui thingy to define a few things?20:15
apollo13 cmake has it's own gui which you could use20:16
robert_gui != tui20:17
robert_I was thinking more along the lines of linux's menuconfig20:17
apollo13tui meaning what now?20:17
apollo13cmake also has an equivalent curses gui
apollo13it is probably not as fancy in the sense that you can sepcify arbritrary trees, but should be good enough for most20:18
apollo13all in all I do not think that a gui/tui should be needed to configure a buildsystem^^20:19

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