IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2017-09-08

riotuuh, finally came around to complete one of the basic functionalities of my video mixer - AVIO (circuits based) is now capable of mixing full hd gif images. Tried 5 simultaneously and had no performance issues.02:14
riotaah, circuits + pygame, that is, to be specific02:14
prologicriot: niiiice! :D08:11
riothmhm. Threading is still very troubling to develop. It is worse than flying blind.13:13
rioti'm trying to load gifs in the background (because scaling them to the target resolution is very time consuming) and can13:14
riotnot get the worker-pool to deliver. Neither data, logs _nor_ errors.13:14
riotas soon as an exception is triggered in conjunction with a yield statement, all is lost13:15
riotand if you cannot see the error, you cannot fix it :(13:16
riotbreakpoints are ignored as well :[13:44
riotoh my. Without the yield - by waiting for task_success - it works fine..!13:53
riotyay, all works. I can now load/rescale/$do_costly_operation with gifs while other gifs are playing.14:23
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