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qwebirc61007Hi, I've been trying to find an answer to this online but can't for the love of my life find it. I'm writing a simple rest api using circuits.web and I have a client calling it as JSONP call. In my server/rest api I want to set the content-type to "application/javascript" but I just can't seem to find out how. Any pointers and tips would be greatly appreciated.03:26
qwebirc61007This is the JSONController I have:03:26
qwebirc61007class Data(JSONController):     channel = "/data"      def counter(self, **kwargs):         ddb = donorsdb()         amount = ddb.getSumOfDonationsFromDate(date(START_YEAR, START_MONTH, START_DAY))         data = {'total': amount}         callback = kwargs['callback']           return '{}({})'.format(callback, json.dumps(data))03:26
qwebirc61007urgh, sorry for the missing tabs... :-(03:27
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AzidStarHere it is formated instead:03:35
AzidStarclass Data(JSONController):03:35
AzidStar    channel = "/data"03:35
AzidStar    def counter(self, **kwargs):03:35
AzidStar        ddb = donorsdb()03:35
AzidStar        amount = ddb.getSumOfDonationsFromDate(date(START_YEAR, START_MONTH, START_DAY))03:35
AzidStar        data = {'total': amount}03:35
AzidStar        callback = kwargs['callback']03:35
AzidStar        return '{}({})'.format(callback, json.dumps(data))03:35
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