IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2017-11-04

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riotoh lala.17:58
rioti have regular crashes (with the process eating up ram until OOM killer triggers!) when circuits.web.http encounters a string in line 157.18:00
riotIt goes into a TypeError exception loop with: TypeError: 'str' object is not an iterator18:00
riotany ideas?18:00
rioti've safeguarded that line with "except (TypeError, StopIteration):"18:01
prologicriot: oooo18:57
prologicI'll check it out when I get home from shopping this morning18:57
riotprologic: the sad thing being: i don't know how to specifically trigger this and it always happens remote19:05
riot(that is why i wrapped it now, to see what triggers it in log output)19:05
prologicAhhh cool19:08
prologicLogs and data that trigger this would be super useful19:08
prologicMeanwhile I'll just have a look at the lines of card manually by hand to understand what might be going on19:09
prologicriot link me to that line of code that is throwing?20:46

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