IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2017-11-21

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riotprologic: i think i'm onto something. Kinda have reproduction steps :>15:55
riotit seems to be related to some error handling15:59
riot  File "/home/riot/src/circuits/circuits/web/", line 459, in _on_request_failure16:00
riot    req, res = erequest.args16:00
riotValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 2)16:00
rioti'll prepare a clean log (this one is messy with lotsa encoded png's) later16:00
riotoooouuuuhhhh, i think i stumbled on a heisenbug!16:07
riotinserted a cheery log message after catching the fault and it doesn't appear.16:08
riot_or_ i didn't trigger it. It seems to be related to fast pans and/or layer changes when using leaflet as client library.16:08
riotmaybe leaflet cancels requests in a fishy way or something. Could also be the backend client (this is kind of a proxy, a tilecache to be specific)16:09
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